Returns and Reimbursements

Are you like me and sometimes buy something that you know will have to be returned? I needed to buy some hardware and I wasn’t sure which of the two available sizes to get, so I bought one of each. I knew one would work, I just didn’t know which one. It was less than $2, but not having the correct size would have been costly because a tradesperson would have had to drive to the store to pick it up and would have billed for that time.

So now I have to return the unused package of hardware that I have no need to keep. It seems more work than it’s worth for something less than $2. But over the course of a lifetime, these little bits of money add up and we waste the opportunity to recoup that money. In the old days, I would just toss that package into a hardware box I keep in a utility room.

These days, however, I am good about making returns and getting back my money. I take the item and the receipt, put it in a store bag and put it in my trunk. Since I keep a running list of items I need at that store, I also add “Return hardware” to the list so that I don’t forget.


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