Procrastination is Draining Your Wealth Potential

When I have had wealth-building conversations with people on other sites, I often get comments how individuals would rather live for now rather than be too concerned with what might happen tomorrow. This idea that they don’t want to deprive themselves today and save/invest money because they may not live to see that money in the future is…well…pathetic.

Picture this…you’re in school and you have a test in two weeks. So why study? You may die before the exam, so why bother. Why go to work? If you work for the money, you may not live to see you your next paycheck. Why do laundry? Why grocery shop? Why plan anything even one minute into the future if that future is so fragile and our believe that we may survive the next minute is lagging?

If that’s your paradigm, then it’s all yours. There probably isn’t much I could do to change that. But if you’re finding that while you feel saving and investing is the right choice for you yet you have a difficult time actually following through with the tough parts of the equation, maybe you need to look at procrastination and working to kick that habit.


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