Strategic Planning

Like many successful businesses and organizations, I have conducted my own strategic planning so that I have a blueprint for what I want to achieve and the steps to get there.

My plan isn’t fancy, in fact, it’s hand-written in pencil in one of those cheap back-to-school spiral notebooks that run about $0.10 in August. It has one goal per page along with a list of action items. I check them off as I complete them. Some of the goals take years to complete, but I can see my progress as I complete the action items I’ve listed. During the year, I may add more action items as I learn new strategies for meeting my aggressive wealth-building goals.

Set aside some time to dream about your future and what it looks like. Establish your goals and write them down, along with a few initial steps you can take to get started. Read them regularly to keep yourself on track and jot down any new ideas that come to mind. If you get to a point where you feel stuck in your progress, pull out the plan and review your goals to get back on track.


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