Entertainment on the Cheap

Surely by now, you’ve considered cutting the cord on cable or dishing the dish. But maybe you’re a hold-out. Maybe you think your life or your happiness will suffer if you don’t have all the channels, all the shows or all the excitement of every game every weekend.

Believe me, that was ME several years ago.

I love TV. I love dramas, comedies, procedurals, and news. For years, I had a satellite dish and DVR’d a entire week’s worth of material and enjoyed every minute of my shows. Then the monthly bills for the service began rising. I’d call the provider. The next bill would be lower, but the new low rate would last only one month, maybe two. After that, we’d be back to the higher rate. I’d make another call to the provider, argue about the rate and threatened to cancel the service. Again, the rate would go down briefly. I let this go on for too long. But it was so difficult to make that final — final — decision to cancel.

Of course, when you call to really cancel the service, they start offering lots of free this and reduced that and for a second, it was tempting to change course and take the bait. But once I had decided, there was no turning back. I was not biting.

It may have been the best call I’ve ever made. NDQ HQ isn’t without TV — we watch Netflix voraciously. We’ve discovered shows we’ve loved but never had a chance to see before. Life is good. We are entertained and we’re richer for the decision. I have family members who spend $150 each month on their cable package. Ouch.

Are you ready?


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