Laundry Cost-Cutting

In the past three years, I have dramatically changed how I process the laundry at NDQ HQ. Up until then, I never gave it much thought. I would toss all the like-colored items into the wash, change the settings to match the load size and then hit the start button.

My first big change was switching to cold water. Always. Every few months, I have a few white items that require a hot soak with soap and bleach, but that is the rare load and it’s a small one. For everything else, it’s cold water. Have I noticed a difference? Only in my utility bills.

Second, I am careful to look at the load size and then set the wash cycle for the shortest time period available. A few minutes with the churning is sufficient. As I noted above, the only difference I’ve noticed is the utility bill. The clothes look great.

Finally, I learned how to use the sensor setting on the dryer and then I set it for a less than dry setting. Usually when I check at this point, the items are dry enough to fold and hang. Make sure to always clean out the lint trap before starting the dryer. And seriously, hang up the clothes or fold them immediately. Running the dryer a second time to work out the wrinkles is a big waste.

Extra tip: Some clothes, like pants and sweatshirts, can be worn more than once before washing is required. Figure out how you can cut out washing and drying will save even more money!


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