Rethinking lunch

Ever since I began a new job last year, I have been primarily taking my lunch to work. Once every few weeks, I may be out of the office and on those rare days I may pick up a sandwich on the way to a meeting. But for the most part, I pack a lunch and eat at my desk.

The savings have been remarkable and I am encouraged in my efforts to continually find more ways to save in this area.

One key has been to take leftovers from dinner as much as possible. The less food we waste, the more money we save. I have also been culling the pantry looking for items I can use for lunch so that nothing gets forgotten and then expires. I’ve noticed over the past few months that the pantry can really get out of hand quickly. Stocking up is great, but only if you actually use up all the items you stock. That favorite item this month could quickly get tiresome and then no one wants to eat it anymore.

Use what’s on hand, look at what’s about to expire and start steering those meals into your lunch menu. It feels like eating for free.


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