The Binder Clip and Saving Money

Once upon a time, I used chip clips to close, well, chip bags. They seemed to work fine until I discovered that the black binder clip from the office supply store worked 100 times better.

Every time I find a new use for the binder clip, I am amazed at how useful this little contraption of bendable metal has become in my life and how it saves me money every day.

Mostly, I use binder clips in the kitchen. They are great at keeping any bag closed and the air out. I keep salad, chips, tortillas…you name it, these clips help keep my food fresher longer. In the office, you can use them to keep cords untangled and make a stand for your smartphone. At home, use a large clip to help get every dab of toothpaste out of the tube by rolling up the tube and using the clip to keep the roll in place.

If you have a few minutes to spare, search the internet for new ways to utilize the binder clip. You’ll be surprised at how inventive people have become.

What are your uses for binder clips that save you money?


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