Getting Rid of Clutter

Since NDQ HQ will be packing up and moving in the near future, it is time to dig out the junk and pare down our possessions.

Yes, it’s garage sale time! And the perfect time of year to host such an event. Since spring has arrived, we are still in that not-too-cold/not-too-hot time of year. Certainly better than the middle of summer when the heat makes the outdoors a convection oven.

For the past few weeks, I have been accumulating boxes so that we can fill them with unwanted and unneeded items that can be sold. An area of the garage has been designated the sale area and we’ve set up some borrowed tables to start organizing like items, such as holiday decor, housewares, office supplies, and so on. It’s amazing to already see how many things we’ve been willing to part with.

The last thing I want to do when we move is take along stuff we don’t need and then clutter up a new place on Day 1. Ugh.

Moving is a fantastic opportunity to clean the slate, organize a new space effectively and eliminate the “creep” of papers, knick-knacks, and what-nots. I will be carefully choosing what goes and what gets sold or donated or tossed/recycled. I’m using a lot of Marie Kondo’s advice for keeping a home tidy. I am even rethinking my view on some furniture I’ve had for decades. I’m looking at everything from the perspective of the joy it brings. If there’s joy, it stays.

Even if you don’t plan on moving, you can still get rid of the clutter that wastes time and energy.


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