Packing, signing papers and looking for tenants

Life has so many phases, but this current phase we are entering turns out to be rather paper intensive: I’ve packed all the papers and files in my home office, I can’t count how many times I’ve signed my name on yet-another set of documents, and I’m getting rental applications and leases in order.

There’s so much paper surrounding me right now and I am wondering how it will all get done.

It’s a good think I know how to keep this crap organized, or we’d be in a mess of trouble at NDQ HQ.

While all of this craziness is happening around me, I’m still keeping tabs on the money. I am watching what I spend at the grocery store. I don’t want to buy too much food and then have to move it to the new building. This is the perfect time to eat through the pantry and freezer. I am minimizing the items I bring home so that I don’t have to pack any more items that I have to.

There are enough unexpected expenses when buying a new home and moving, I’m working diligently to keep things under control. In another couple of months, I’ll be sorting through all the paper generated hopefully recycling a good deal.


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