One Step Closer to Retirement

Retirement for me might not be as close as for some, but after this week, it isn’t as far off either. Suddenly, I own this multi-family property. My annual income has now jumped. Sure, I’ll have expenses and a larger housing payment each month, but the cash flow will more than cover them.

Exciting times. I expect to be busy and a bit stressed out at times. But I also expect that I will tighten the ship and work even harder to save as much money as possible. While this is a good first step (leap?) toward retirement, it isn’t enough. Saving for the next property will be tougher now, but I will keep the long-range plan in mind at all times. Choosing to cook and eat meals at home, taking great lunches to work and not buying things I don’t need will all get me closer to the prize: retirement!


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