2016 ~ Recapping the year

I’m not sorry to see 2016 end, even though it was a good year for NDQ financially. There were too many other things that overshadowed and ruined any good feelings that could be had. But we made it through and we are doing our best to be optimistic that 2017 will be OK.


We will start the new year with all of our multi-family units fully rented and at higher rents than we anticipated at the outset.

We have excellent tenants who always pay on time or early. Mostly early.

The day job continues to be rewarding and enjoyable.

There’s homemade chili and soup in the freezer.

We are blessed with good health and great healthcare providers who keep us this way.

Family and friends are plentiful and well-loved, even though not always seen as much as we’d like.

We have money in the bank, a little cash in the drawer, investments that grow even while we sleep and every day, we save more to invest.

That’s much to be optimistic about, certainly more than we deserve and we are truly grateful at NDQ HQ. Every day.


p.s. Check out the new NDQ Guide: 500 Tips the guide that will give you actionable steps to jump start your savings and investing immediately.

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