Two Years of NDQ

July 5 marks the second anniversary of NDQ. When the blog began, I was still building my investment fund and searching for the first multi-family income property to purchase. It has been an interesting 24 months with a boost in income, a move, dealing with tenants and getting the business set up and running efficiently.

Learning by doing is a great teacher. It took several years and many sacrifices to get to this point. But we are still figuring out new ways to save more and  re-build our investment account. We are not perfect and it hasn’t been easy. In some ways, we’ve learned by making mistakes.

Lately, I’ve been reviewing goals and getting back to basics. Little by little, lifestyle creep can worm its way into our lives. Going out to eat several times a week becomes habit. With the increased income, it takes an extra effort to hang on to as much of that cash as possible. Smart shopping, meal planning, and a well-stocked freezer will always save money and time. Planning out your driving and errands will save money on gas. Making coffee at home rather than buying it on the road will always add up. My day job employer gives every employee a standard raise every July 1. The percentage is low, but I’ll make sure to capture the increase and divert it to the investment account.

Sometimes the savings is only pennies, but consistently saving the change and the dollars will add up quickly. Over time, I’ll see the sacrifices pay off when we are able to purchase the next property. I’m more committed than ever.


p.s. Check out the new NDQ Guide: 500 Tips the guide that will give you actionable steps to jump start your savings and investing immediately.

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