Goals check up

Every few months I pull out my basic spiral notebook where I write down my financial goals to see how I am progressing. The notebook is starting to look a little worn, but that makes me happy: it means I’m using it!

My method has been to write one goal at the top of a page, then list ideas for action steps that can be taken toward achieving the goal. When I review my goals, I cross off the action items and update where I am toward achieving the goal. I usually date new entries just so it’s easier to see how long it takes to get from point A to point B.

Usually, by the time I am done with the review, I have a new goal or two that I add to the notebook, then list a few action items as they come to mind. It has been a great way to track my financial success and keep myself moving ahead. When I see all the goals that I have reached, it makes me proud that I’ve come to this point when I started with nothing.

But goals can evolve and change. Make sure what you are doing to save and invest aligns with your goals so that you are always working toward the “state” that you want.


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