2018 Year in Review

Like many people, I’m ready to wrap up 2018 and welcome in a new year and all the possibilities that come with an annual fresh start.

Nothing terrible happened to any of us at NDQ HQ, but some of the changes have been looking forward to haven’t yet materialized. The hunt is still on for multi-family #2 and new day job hasn’t been landed. The upside of all of this is that the investments accounts continue to thrive as we’ve continued with the commitment to save diligently and investment aggressively.

No new drastic measures have been taken, we’re just sticking to the plan and staying the course. We are still cooking most meals at home and taking lunches to work. We have made some improvements at home making our place more enjoyable. The key is, when home is inviting, there’s no desire to go out and spend a ton of money — we’re more than happy hanging out in a cozy environment. We are also laying the groundwork for future investments: we have a new tax professional who is an expert in real estate/landlord taxes and we are building a relationship with a local commercial bank as we search for the next property to purchase.

Celebrate safely and all the best for a fabulous 2019!


p.s. Check out the new NDQ Guide: 500 Tips the guide that will give you actionable steps to jump start your savings and investing immediately.

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