Six Months In

It has been more than six months since I purchased my first multi-family housing building. The time has flown by because it’s been pretty wild around here. It wouldn’t be so chaotic if I didn’t have a demanding day job, but working for a living is going to be part of my life for the … More Six Months In

Living with Tenants

Since purchasing a multi-family rental property six months ago, NDQ HQ has been in a continual state of chaos as we immediately jumped into the landlording business, undertook a remodel of he apartment we would move into, started packing and getting rid of stuff, and all while holding down a day job. We are exhausted! … More Living with Tenants

Working past age 70?

A recent study of working Americans says that 23 percent of those workers plan to work into their 70s, up from 16 percent in 2009. What’s driving this jump? Economic experts quoted in news sources cite changes in retire plans offered by employers as one possible explanation. In years past, the pension plan was common. … More Working past age 70?