Working past age 70?

A recent study of working Americans says that 23 percent of those workers plan to work into their 70s, up from 16 percent in 2009. What’s driving this jump? Economic experts quoted in news sources cite changes in retire plans offered by employers as one possible explanation. In years past, the pension plan was common. … More Working past age 70?

Packing, signing papers and looking for tenants

Life has so many phases, but this current phase we are entering turns out to be rather paper intensive: I’ve packed all the papers and files in my home office, I can’t count how many times I’ve signed my name on yet-another set of documents, and I’m getting rental applications and leases in order. There’s … More Packing, signing papers and looking for tenants

The $400 Question

This story in The Atlantic has me thinking all sorts of things about what it means to be financially secure in the U.S. today. The study featured here presents a shocking figure that 47% of Americans could not cover a $400 emergency without borrowing the money or selling off possessions. This is serious. What would … More The $400 Question